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Pest control & landscaping needs? Get free estimates from EverGreen Pest Control, LLC!

Pest control & landscaping needs? Get free estimates from EverGreen Pest Control, LLC!

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Need pest control? We’re just a call away for residents in and around Niceville, FL!

  • Crestview, FL

  • Destin, FL

  • Fort Walton Beach, FL

  • Navarre, FL

  • Niceville, FL

  • Sandestin, FL

  • Santa Rosa Beach, FL

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    Our Full Range of Services

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    Lawn & Shrub Pest Control

    Are your lawn and shrubs suffering from pest invasions? Our lawn pest control services are specifically designed to tackle these issues. We use environmentally friendly techniques that effectively eliminate pests without harming your greenery. With our expert approach, you can expect a healthier, more vibrant outdoor space, free from the nuisance of insects and other pests.

    fertilization service

    Dreaming of a lush, green lawn? Our lawn fertilization services are your answer. We assess your lawn's unique needs and apply the best fertilizers to promote robust growth. Our treatments include slow-release nitrogen formulas, ensuring long-lasting nourishment. Trust us to transform your lawn into a thriving, verdant oasis that enhances your home's appeal.

    plant health care service
    Plant Health

    Struggling with plant health issues? Our plant health care services offer the perfect solution. We specialize in diagnosing and treating plant diseases, ensuring your garden remains vibrant and healthy. Our balanced use of pesticides targets pests effectively while preserving your plants' wellbeing. Rely on us to bring expert care and rejuvenation to your green spaces.

    landscaping service

    Looking to revamp your outdoor space? Our landscaping services cover everything from tree removal to soil analysis and property grading. We tailor each project to your specific needs, creating beautiful, functional outdoor areas. Whether it's renovating your garden or installing new features, our commitment to quality service will bring your landscaping vision to life.